Animation / 2019 / 00:06:32
occupation: direction, animation, music, graphic design

Motion of the Leviathan explores the aesthetics of noise. Through manipulation of video captured from a deficient screen noise is transformed to become the new subject whereas the actual representation dissolves into abstraction. The intention is to transcend the image which is based on a defect smart phone screen from it’s secular origin to create a sublime atmosphere.


Flimmerfest Hamburg 2019

Kurzfilmwanderung Leipzig 2019

Casting-Screens Web Exhibition: Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg 2019

21° Equinoxio Film Festival Universidad Nacional de Colombia 2019

5th Pori Film Festival 2019

Sound-Image Colloquium London 2019

KlingtGut Symposium on Sound, Hamburg, 2020 (postponed)

Museum of Contemporary Art of Alicante, 2020 (postponed)

Risoprinted Poster based on frame No. 006261

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