TOPOS 2022

Places are organized topologically: They are present through structural relations and perpetual streams of exchanging information. Structures of different scales can share comparable systemic organizations. This abstract film takes a metaphorical view on those systems immersing viewers in an audiovisual contemplation.

Topos was realized in collaboration with Romain Barbot (Saåad)

Motion of the Leviathan 2019

Motion of the Leviathan explores the aesthetics of noise. Through manipulation of video captured from a deficient screen noise is transformed to become the new subject whereas the actual representation dissolves into abstraction. The intention is to transcend the image which is based on a defect smart phone screen from it’s secular origin to create a sublime atmosphere.


International Youth Media FestivalWels (AT)2020
Museum of Contemporary Art of AlicanteAlicante2020 (postponed)
KlingtGut Symposium on SoundHamburg2020 (postponed)
Sound-Image ColloquiumLondon2019
5th Pori Film FestivalPori2019
21° Equinoxio Film Festival Universidad Nacional de ColombiaBogotá2019
Casting-Screens Web Exhibition: Hochschule für bildende KünsteHamburg2019
Kurzfilmwanderung Leipzig2019
Flimmerfest Hamburg2019

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