graphic design / 2019

A poster I created in 2019 for a mockumentary by Thomas Gimpel and Hauke Wulff.

The satirical character of the movie is very subtle and conveys itself more and more towards the end. By watching the first part without further background information one can think that this film is meant seriously. I wanted the poster to express this ambiguity which works through the connection of the title in combination with additional graphic elements on the poster. The title itself conveys meaning. The plane, the trails and the gothic window shape can add further possible context without revealing to much. It lets the viewer guess what this movie could be about. Could it be a critique on religious institutions? Is it a movie about drug trade? The connection to religion is obvious considering that a conspiricy is based on a set of believes. Therefore it is more a kind of ideology or form of religion than an actual theory based on scientific discourse. The poster lets us symbolically retrace a belief based view on chemtrails as we watch the scene through the window of a church.

Another concept that did not make it.
Final version of the poster.

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